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How's My Driving?

Okay, this is a long time coming, but since I've been updating/catching up with this journal, here's a place to let me know if I've been doing anything wrong. Or, I suppose, if you like the way I'm playing Forte, that's always fun! It's flattering, and nice to know too, but I haven't had any criticism, so I just want everyone to know I'm open to it if you want to give it.

If you have a problem with me, tell me here. I'm a pretty typical neurotic RPer, and worry about this, so you're doing me a favor if you tell me just what to improve and what to cut out. I just ask that you be specific about what I can do better and not just tell me I suck or something. This goes for writing style, characterization, out of game behavior, or whatever.

Anon is on, IP tracking is off... I think. If I did this right. Yes. But I really won't hold any criticism against you, even personal stuff like if I'm rude or did something I shouldn't have outside of RP - I have a standing goal to not be an asshole, and help by calling me out on that is appreciated.

Hell, if you have something to say about my icons, for better or worse, I want to know!

teal deer: if you have something to say, say it here. If not, don't worry about it.



I'm finally back on my feet, and I want to practice. Anyone wanna spar with me today when they let us loose? If you're good I might have other cool stuff to talk about too.


This is just friendly practice, okay? For exercise! Not really fighting! So you don't need to go breaking it up, it's all friendly!



Was that last room real?
Do you remember seeing them too?


Day/Night 46

First thing the morning of the 46'th, Forte got in a moping about how "Frank" had screwed up everything with gothamsfuture. He then moved on to the Sun Room, where he bravely ran away from Sheena, as fast as he could on crutches. Of course, that's when Yukari accosted him, and teased and prodded him, but did provide the definition of his affliction. Still licking his emotional wounds from that conversation, he found Sechs and took his punishment for the previous night like a man. Finally, he was brought to see his new doctor, drscrewhead, who gave him a good interrogating until the 'bot nearly reopened his wound trying to attack him - same old, same old.

After a quiet dinner he set off to find Teisel and get some advice in the ways of Love.

Just as smooth on the Board:
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Here's the big one...

Overnight, Forte's arm had healed enough to use, and his side enough to stand using crutches. He barely noticed though because, having been affected by the mass brainwashing of the day, Forte woke up as Frank Wilhelm, his Landel's-world alter-ego. Frank woke up grumpy, going over his past in his head and feeling sorry for himself. He ran into Scott Pilgrim (vsyourface), who was not affected by the event, and they had a disagreement about reality until Frank lashed out angrily and loudly. Embarrassed about the outburst, he left for the Sun Room, where he was led to Aaron Price (formerly Depth Charge). They both snapped at each-other a bit, but upon realizing they were both feeling better, or at least saner, they just talked vaguely about their problems and commiserated.

Feeling a little bit better, Frank moved on to lunch, and found Sheena. More aware of his crush on her than Forte ever was, he tries to hit on her awkwardly, and do some damage control regarding his crazy robot stories. Having already dealt with her other brainwashed friends and being dumped, Sheena played along, and they managed to have a friendly conversation. At least until Yukari came up, and the situation quickly spiraled out of control. Although he tried to confess to Sheena, he realized she already had feelings for Yukari and only thought of Frank (actually, Forte) as a friend. He also realized how much pull she had on him when she told him to go back to being Forte. In the end, he promised he wasn't abandoning her, and wasn't going anywhere. And that he thought Yukari was an idiot for dumping her.

Next, he goes to the Sun Room to tell Yukari (answering to Violet) she's an idiot for dumping Sheena. He continued to lash out, even when Violet made sense. When the subject turned to their real lives, though, he broke down, and ended up apologizing and crying on her (figurative) shoulder. She forgave him and they talked about their families, and their escapist fantasies. Finally, after calming down, he was led back to his room for dinner with the un-treated Minato, where they had a blissfully pleasant and uneventful conversation.

After writing in his journal and fearing that he was slipping away again, Forte was shocked (and dismayed) to hear the announcement and the door unlock. Against his better judgement, he ventured out into the hall and found Teisel Todd. They both decided it must be a power outage, and they wandered and talked (and steadfastly ignored any special counseling shenanigans) until they heard a fight and rushed off to be wet blankets and stop Sechs from killing his roommate.

On the bulletin board:
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Bonus journal entry:
[link] the final testament of Frank

Day/Night 44

To begin the day, Forte finally met his brother from another continuity Sechs (sixth_attack), and they discussed battles and robot weaponry over breakfast. Then he hung out with Ritsuka (forgot_it_all) for a bit, before teasing Starscream about being a coward. His shower shift was off to a rough start, as he saw his raw, unhealed arm exposed, which traumatized him pretty badly. After an orderly-assisted cleaning, he was brought out to Teisel, who tried to calm him down. Finally, he met his new roommate Minato (foolishmessiah) at dinner.

At night, he sat in his room and waited for Raine. [OOC note: there was a backthread planned to heal him, but that never materialized]

On the Bulletin Board (via his nurse):
[link] Letting Sechs know he's free, and showing off how high he can count in German
[link] Asking LDSG for a weapon... too late :(
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Day 43


After a brief respite of being dead, Forte returned in a blaze of glory. Or, maybe, just a haze of confusion. Certainly, in a wheelchair. He took a while to actually wake up and collect himself over breakfast. He spent the rest of the day in the Sun Room, letting people know he was alive, and using them to daisy-chain bulletin board messages. First, he actually felt bad when he learned Depth Charge had blamed himself for Forte's death, and attempted to reassure him - whoever you are, you're not going to do a very good job convincing anyone you're really Forte if you run around showing a capacity for empathy! Next was another awkward meeting with Sheena, where-in he promised to be more careful and she confused him with talk of selflessness and sacrifice. Crazy dame! Finally, he had manlier version of the first half of that conversation with Teisel.

Bulletin Board (mostly vicariously):
[link] Taking note of Sechs, via a nurse
[link] Depth Charge -> Sheena
[link] Asking about healing, via Sheena
[link] Sheena -> Teisel Bonne

Day/Night 40

Forte woke on day 40 groggy, and disappointed to have missed night 39. All he managed to do 2nd shift was stretch a bit and watch Teisel kick some guy's ass. He met up with Teisel shortly there-after, and he bragged about having not died (what high standards!) fighting the spider, though Teisel was a bit out of it. Then Sheena found him again. He was bored and frustrated with his own inactivity, and unloaded his problems on her. She tried to talk to him, and get him to do his least favorite thing in the world - actually think - and he became belligerent. After a brief argument, he finally admitted his feelings of failure and purposelessness and practically had a breakdown in front of her, but she managed to calm him down.

Also, at some point this happened on the boards. He also saw Depth Charge making plans and offered to come along to gather materials to make explosives.

He waited until night, then went to meet Depth Charge. After some pleasantries, they headed up to the second floor. They stopped to plan where they were going, and continued, pausing to contemplate a door that had been removed from its hinges. And then on, past others and finally to the Chemical Storage Room!

After raiding the room for chemicals, supplies, and weapons, they went back out to the hallway, where they were ambushed by a monstrous cat. It focused on Forte and got him on the ground, and managed to maul him quite a bit while Depth Charge tried to fend it off. After DC injured it, Forte managed to grab it by the nape of the neck and hold it down while Depth Charge delivered the killing blow. Unfortunately, Forte was already bleeding heavily, and lost consciousness quickly after that.


Day 39

Forte just appeared briefly in the Sun Room to watch Sheena's scuffle with iwascloned. After that was lunch, where he had planned to meet with ruthless_hunter - and his robot senses did not fail him. Forte tried to talk business, and Lockdown was, naturally, receptive, but in the end nothing much came of it. Finally, he had an appointment with Washu for therapy, and of course got into an argument with her. Unsurprisingly, she easily pushed his buttons, and he eventually had to be removed from the room.

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